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capture passing time in a moment


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My name is Ellis Mulder and this is my online gallery to show examples of my photography work.

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CAts (studio)

concert & Events

Nature & Travel



Take control about light and setting. Don't try to control the model, cats have their own plan.


Love pictures, love music, this combines both and capturing passion is the goal.


Take a breath, get inspired by the beauty and take some of this home on a memorycard.

Cats in Studio

These pictures were taken in my home-studio. I like color and change the background often. 

They are all Maine Coons and due to their friendly character they love to model. Please enjoy the beauty of these wild-look felines.

Concert & Events

One of the challenging topics in photography. I'm looking forward to fill up my portfolio. If you want me to cover your event/concert, please contact me :-)

Nature & Travel

Capture the beauty of nature. As time passes by it shows us some breathtaking and amazing glory...

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